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Santa baby, I want a yacht and really that's not a lot...

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, they really meant a lot to me. It was so cheering to see all of those comments. I love you all! Thank you also to sansenmage for the beautiful card. I don't think anything I send is going to make it until the New Year, unfortunately.

I got great presents for my birthday, and, because relatives are coming over, I get to open my Christmas presents a day early. Yay! I got Trivial Pursuit, groovy socks, a new watch, playing cards, new clothes, perfume, bath products, movie tickets, a fun computer game, the new (totally brilliant) Human Nature motown record and a cool book. I'll admit that all questions of depression went out of the window when I looked at my hoard. And they say materialism is bad.

Meanwhile, my gmail isn't working at all. Not even the slightest. It's fairly driving me insane.

I hope the holiday season isn't being too stressful for all and sundry.

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