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The thrilling continuation of "Weird People Live in Adelaide"...

This post belongs as part of a series, 1, 2.

In my many travails across Adelaide, mostly by bus, it has come to my attention that weird people live here. Okay, so there's this one specific weird person who I've written about twice before, but there are many others I have neglected to catalogue.

Today I was sitting on the bus as usual and I made the mistake of smiling at the person who came to sit next to me. I wasn't too bothered when she explained why she didn't often like to sit down because she was wearing a backpack and if she kept taking it off it would hurt her arms. I wasn't disturbed when she talked about how odd the weather was. When she began discussing how she had to run for the bus, which was painful, because she runs like a duck, I was faintly amused. I really think the time I realised she was one of my fabled 'weird people' was when she continued on that it doesn't matter if you run like a duck, as long as you're healthy. You can be big, small, short, tall, as long as you're healthy it's all okay.

I think she was trying to make me feel good about myself. There was really no need. I've been highly amused by this exchange all day.
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