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Just as long as you stand, stand by me...


LOZ and NICK wait at the delicatessen. NICK, a teenager, is slightly shorter than his sister LOZ with dark blonde scruffy hair, light ginger freckles dotting his nose and bright blue eyes. LOZ, a young woman with chestnut brown hair and green eyes, stands close to the counter, obviously waiting for something. An ATTENDANT comes and hands a package to LOZ.

Here you go.

Thank you kindly.

Thank you kindly? You're not Canadian!

LOZ whirls around with an expression which spells embarrassment and incredulity. She makes as if to hit NICK across the head. They move away as the ATTENDANT stares at them with a frown.

I can't believe you did that.


Little brothers are so annoying. They really, really are. We went by bus and did shopping for Nana as well as making her lunch and doing work at her home. This was after we took an amusing taxi ride to get a spare part for our car. Our car which is still stuffed, despite the new part.

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