Loz (lozenger8) wrote,


Getting those comments back really depressed me. Not even getting my money from the bank, watching Buffy, listening to Barenaked Ladies and eating ice cream has managed to cheer me up. I feel as if I had this wonderful opportunity which I squandered away. I just feel like I've failed.

Which is ridiculous, I know, because I did not fail. I obviously did not fail, did not even come close to failing.

I wish I didn't have this perfectionist streak.

There's this Jack Johnson song, Fortunate Fool. I feel like the girl in this song more often than I'd care to mention.

"She's the one that stumbles when she talks about
The seven foreign films that she's checked out
Such a fortunate fool
She's just too good to be true
She's such a fortunate fool
She's just so mmm... "

I think of myself as this person. The person who wants to be intelligent, who knows what they have to do to appear intelligent, but falters on the edge.

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