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Loz and the Goblet of Fire

Well. I finally saw it.

I quite liked it. There were some scenes which were absolute genius. I do have to rewatch it almost immediately, though. Some bits I just couldn't reconcile. The following actually makes it look like I disliked the film a lot more than I did, but I am naturally picky.

These are things which I found problematic in some way.

What on earth was with Bartemius Crouch's voice? Coupled with the moustache he looked too Nazi to be believed. You also got absolutely no signal of his ruthlessness apart from his looking like he belonged in 1940s Germany.

Something I actually quite liked, because, you know, David Tennanty goodness (and it makes a lot of sense, filmwise), but there was an awful lot of Barty Jr. in this film.

Leading on to this we have Barty Jr's miraculous escape from Azkaban, sans his parents' assistance, sans Winky. Whilst it made quite a lot of narrative sense for the film, it did destroy a vital plot point, and even makes little sense in filmic canon - Sirius' escape hardly seems that special now, does it?

Which brings me to - NO Winky? So unfair. I love Winky. This completely sinks the HMS Krinky - if Winky isn't mentioned in the films, the beauty of Kreacher/Winky love with never be borne on screen.

Talking of ships, I saw many ships in this film. Mostly Ron/Harry, Hermione/Harry, Cedric/Harry, Cho/Harry, Moaning Myrtle/Harry, Rita Skeeter/Harry and Barty Jr/Harry. I think Harry is attempting to overtake Dumbledore in the stakes of HMS 'Ladies' Man.

Gambon as Dumbledore, for that matter, annoys me. I like his delivery of lines. I actually didn't mind his acting seemingly 'out of character'. What I can't get over is the fact his accent is all over the place. It really gets to me. This is rich coming from a girl with a decidedly mixed accent herself, I know, but it really gets to me. Obviously it isn't a conscious decision kind of thing, it's the same problem I've got, but it's offputting.

Voldemort's voice was also offputting. My main qualm is that, really, I've always imagined Voldemort's voice a certain way. A certain way which sounds a hell of a lot more like Jason Issacs' Lucius Malfoy. He sounded a little too normal at times. Apart from not liking his voice, I thought he was marvellous though.

The Death Eater's costumes were ludicrous. I hated them. I always imagined Druid-type robes matched with the skull masks. Not something which too closely resembled the KKK. Plus, they just looked stupid.

Sirius in the embers was always going to be problematic for me, so I don't really need to say more about it. Only that I severely disliked it and wished it had been handled differently.

In a similar vein, Krum's eyes... to signify he was under Imperius, yes. A complete contradiction of everything we know about Imperius? Also yes.

These are things which had me silently fangirling.

I really liked Rita Skeeter. Even though I was a little disappointed the animagus plotline was dropped, I loved how deliciously... inappropriate she was.

The ferret scene was so wonderful. It really, really was. Barty Jr as Mad-Eye for that matter, was done very well in my opinion, even with the stupid eyestrap.

All scenes involving Neville. Matt Lewis rocks my socks. I'm not overly fond of the dentures he has to wear (surely his own teeth are sufficient) but everything else is delightful.

The dancing in general amused me greatly, as did the leading 'trying to get a girl to go with us' scenes. Especially the input of the twins.

The twins! They were exactly like they should have been in the other films. I really loved Fred and George. They were brilliant. I loved how casually cheeky they were.

Hah. Casually cheeky like Moaning Myrtle! The bath scene was pretty much perfect as far as I am concerned. So, so, so Dodgy with a capital D, it rocked just like it does in the book. Myrtle, I love you.

Cho/Harry - awwww.

The pure, pure love between Ron and Harry. The scene where Ron and Harry become friends again was nicely played. I really do think Rupert could be a very good actor given half the chance.

I really, genuinely, wholeheartedly liked Snape in this film. He made me laugh, quite a bit. He seemed altogether far too benevolent, actually, but I don't care. I liked him.

And Warwick Davis! I don't know if that was Flitwick, but it was Warwick, and I loved him greatly. Hahahah. Moshpit! *more laughter*

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