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So far I have only watched the first episode of the second season - "North". I loved it. It was so quintessentially due South whilst introducing new information which is forcing a re-evaluation of my pre-conceived notions about both Fraser and Vecchio. I think, if I had seen "North" first, Slings & Arrows wouldn't have been such a shock to me. There were two precise moments where I thought "hey! That's Geoffrey!" This frankly pleased me because I really wanted more similarities between Fraser and Tennant other than the fact they're played by the same actor and both see dead people.

I think I now see why more hardcore Vecchio fans than myself are so. very. annoyed. by the 3rd and 4th seasons. Already I was annoyed that they downplayed Fraser and Vecchio's friendship, but now I'm even more baffled - because Vecchio rocks my socks. He was so gorgeous in the episode, and it was fantastic having him occupying the more straight role whilst Fraser hammed it up. Seriously. What kind of wonderful man goes to those lengths for his friend? He carried a blind Fraser through forest area, chasing the criminal who crashed their plane, on no other reason that it was at Fraser's behest for goodness sake - and at the end of the series it's "Hi, Bye!" and off to Florida with Stella to start a Bowling Alley? As much as I adore, love and generally want all the babies of Kowalski, that is not on.

It was a good first episode of a season. It cemented the Fraser-Vecchio friendship, had action, humour and drama. It was touching. Silly. Scary. And it gives me high hopes for the rest of the second season of a show I adore.

Told you they'd be coming.
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