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It's a matter of instinct, a matter of conditioning, a matter of fact...

A really not very funny at the time but now humourous thing happened to me today. I got stuck at the shopping centre betwen school and home, where I catch my bus, for almost two hours.

You see, I had the bright idea to get presents for Liz, the Office Staff and my kids. So I did. Without getting a receipt/docket because the machine was broken. Then I got to my bus stop and realised something. It went along the lines of Hey! I have no bus fare! I asked the bus driver if he could issue me a slip I'd have to take into the city office to pay for the ticket after, but he refused point blank, stating that there were "no free rides". I called Nick by reversing the charges, got my mum's work number, called mum by reversing the charges - but her boss wouldn't let her leave early - so I had to wait till she got off work.


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