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Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane...

My previous post (the one with the delightful language) was written in the morning, before I ever got to school.

Correction - according to my University Supervisor, my unit plan on potential and kinetic energy was extremely good, scientific (he was a science teacher before he was a Principal for 30 years) and thoroughly planned - so whilst it may not be next science time - it is well worth keeping! :D

Today was a day which confirmed my deep seated belief that I am Queen of The World.

My University supervisor came and saw my lesson and in no uncertain terms said that with further experience I was going to be a very good teacher. Not just a good teacher, my friends, a very good teacher. He gave me glowing words to type into my report, which complement those given by my supervising teacher Liz. He said I was confident, calm and collected. He said I was well prepared and ordered things well. He basically said I rocked.

Hah. Cue maniacally pleased laughter.

Erica, unfortunately, did not get the same glowing words from her teacher - who is beyond strict. I walked into their class today during lunch and every single child was sat at their desks eating lunch in complete silence. It was terrifying - and awful. I asked if this was a one time thing - it wasn't. I had no idea Erica was subjected to anything that bad.

The university supervisor also said that Erica was not given the chance to show what she could be made of because Erica's supervising teacher would micromanage the class - telling people off, whilst Erica was fine with what they were doing. Lets say they were talking whilst working - Erica's fine with that, as long as they are working - her teacher will just jump in, tell the students off or tell them they'll face the consequences, giving Erica no chance to manage the classroom environment.

She also said something about Erica not being confident enough - and apparently the university supervisor said something to Erica's supervising teacher about having to accept different personality types - leading Erica to believe that her supervising teacher was saying other not so desirable things about her. Just because this woman could talk the ears off a donkey, she expects everyone to be like that.

So I just know that if I had got that teacher instead of Liz after my last practicum I'd be dead in the water - there would be no way in hell I would get my qualifications to be a teacher because I would have cracked under the pressure and fear. I'd never have got the opportunity to gain the confidence I now have or need. I thank my lucky stars. Because Liz? She's wonderfully wonderful. I don't agree with all her methods or everything she does - but she's wonderful, and a damn good teacher.

I am, however, in abject outrage in defence of Erica and desperately want to give her supervising teacher a dressing down. Bitch. Bitchy bitch bitch bitch. I've seen Erica with the kids - she is competent and has a manner not too dissimilar to mine (towards the end I was more confident but that is because I have been given the chance to teach a lot and supervise the kids all by myself) - how then can I be very good and Erica get anything less? It isn't fair. It really shows how subjective this whole thing is - if you get a supervising teacher with a methodology and style so drastically different from yours (i.e, belonging in the 1920s), you're screwed.

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