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I almost died of laughter today.

One student casually mentioned having a lot of money in his bag, and Liz and I were a bit worried because he said he had it due to people owing him money. "Why do they owe him money?" we wondered. This student has a pretty terrible homelife, and apparently his cousins often give him 'free stuff' after ram raiding all night, so we were worried he was selling illegal items. The other alternative was gambling. We knew he wasn't bullying people for their cash because he's not that kind of kid.

It turns out that he's been playing cupid and setting couples up! Oh my god. I swear, I was about "this close" to flipping out into hysterics. It was just so - HAHAHAHAHA! - he's a sweet boy, really, he has some amazingly admirable qualities mixed in with an overbearingly cheeky nature - but it's just not the kind of thing I'd have expected, except that I do, I totally believe it, and I love it. This kid kid is eleven, right? The students he was playing matchmaker with aren't much younger or older. It's so amusing. I should have asked him if he could help me out! :D

I only have a week left. On the one hand - YAY! NO MORE FRETTING OVER PLANNING! - on the other, OH NO! I am going to miss these kids so much. And Liz! And Erica! And going to school! It's terrible. I'm already feeling sad about leaving.

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