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Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by...

Hey it went okay. I'm always better than I think I am. That's probably a good thing.

More science tomorrow because we had limited time and only got to do half of what I planned. But that ended up probably being good because it means I can go through my post box tonight and draw up a list of questions instead of doing it whilst students figure out their presentations (which would have resulted in unrestlessness).

Did I mention the puppets? We made puppets for our "Getting Along" role plays. The students' puppets are so cute. I should arrange for the digicam and take pictures. I remade Lozzer McBobbers, in a different style, but with her patented feathery exotic dancer headress.

If you don't remember Lozzer McBobbers the original, here's a link to days gone past.

So far this practicum I have taught poetry, mathematics, art, health and science, and listened to the kids read every day, which isn't bad as far as these things go.

Of course, I also haven't slept - I slept a total of 10 minutes last night. I have vomited from nerves. And I have twitched a bit. Felt awful and useless. But mostly it's been positive.

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