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It's been a while since I have had...

due South related ramblings...

There's something about the final episode of season one, "Letting Go" which I completely adore. Okay, so it has allusions to Hitchcock's Rear Window, which is wonderful. And it copes after the amazing shock and brilliance of the Victoria episodes fantastically well, all things considered. It leaves you with a definite sense of optimism and hope. There's a depiction of a talented, intelligent and by all accounts sweet natured strong female character in counterpoint to Victoria. And Bob Fraser is absolutely hilarious.

But mostly it's snarky and apathetic Fraser which I love. He is just so good when he's, you know, not. When he's human. He gets annoyed and sarcastic, and "blah". Fraser is "blah"! !!!! And whilst I obviously adore Fraser when he's not "blah", annoyed or sarcastic, it's so nice to have this counter balance to his Mr.Perfect-ifnotalittlearrogant character. The best thing about this is that it is still all totally in character, because he is most snarky with Bob and Dief, who are the people he is usually snarky with if he is going to be anyway. And who wouldn't be annoyed with someone who just shot you in the back? Or in fact, "blah" if you'd just been shot in the back?

Did I even mention the angst mixed with humour? Or Ray Vecchio? Or the wanton non-clothedness of Fraser? Or Dief? Because I also adore them all so, so much.

Yay for exceptionally good episodes of due South!

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"...asides from which, you'll go blind." Fraser laughing to himself in what I am assuming is his thinking of a deaf and blind Diefenbaker. This is snarky Fraser at a particularly low point (and don't I love it).

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I love Bob in all kinds of ways, in the episode specifically and most of the time.

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You know, as much as I love Kowalski, I miss Vecchio. I really felt one of the saddest things about the finale of the show was a lack of Vecchio. I strongly believe he and Fraser are best friends in a way which would have some longevity, in a way in which Fraser and Kowalski are not (because Fraser and Kowalski have hot sex and Fraser and Vecchio have brotherly love!).

My season 2 dvds which I ordered in mid-October should be coming December 9. I was supposed to get them November 17, but there was a delay in shipping. Oh well, I guess I will have a 10 day early birthday present.

Uhmm, the only reason I'm not through the roof in anger on that one is that I've got Kids in the Hall. Anyway, expect many more due South related ramblings then, because I haven't seen most of those episodes ever before.

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