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-What kind of motive do you think he has? -Ulterior...

Probably mostly only Australians will understand what on earth I am going on about here.

I am totally in love with Human Nature again. They're doing a whole album of Motown! I love Motown! I was greatly disappointed by their latest pop offerings (uhmm, I kind of hated them with a vehement passion), which was why I loved it when they sang old hits as well as their newer tracks when I went to see them with liani_banks last year - weeee!. Now, 'rock' really isn't the appropriate term, but... they rock. Pretty voices in harmonisation singing Motown? Yay! Mostly I'm happy that they've seemed to realise the pop world is not exactly their friend at the moment, and instead of trying to be innovative, they have just decided to do what they do best.

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