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Is a Jelly Roll Morton edible?..

This post contains random notes about my week.

Well this week has been exciting.

I had a lesson supervised by the University supervisor on Tuesday. There were a few interruptions but I thought it went okay. He said that under the circumstances I was terrific. Much needed ego boost.

I talked to Liz (supervising teacher) about my interim report on Wednesday and she similarly said she thought I was developing good skills and was going to be a great teacher after my training. Another much needed ego boost.

My group of Media Studies boys who want me to be a news reporter in their film accidentally smashed a window of the community hall with me there on Thursday. Guh. Office.

Terrible relief teacher today and the little respect most kids show me today also flew out the window. This was not helped when I made two behaviour management mistakes (engaging in conversation and losing my temper) but I think I recovered very well considering. I let the counsellor deal with it and then I treated the students exactly the same way I always do. These kids are gremlins. Usually pretty darn lovable but a dash of water (or TRT) and they turn into monsters.

I have a platonic crush on my fellow 6/7 student teacher Erica. She's great to talk to and I always feel better after discussing things with her - today she almost killed me by making me laugh whilst having a mouth full of ribena *choke/cough/splutter* but I've since forgiven her.

In summary - I still have a lot to learn and continue developing but this practicum is fantabulously wonderful. I'm learning so much and feeling good about it (even when I feel bad, I just have to remember all of the factors involved).

If you were wondering about my absence - my internet was cut off, but that was fine because I was too tired/busy/engaged in watching 'The Kids in the Hall' to really notice.

I rang up and got our internet back on, though, making good use of my stern yet polite teacher voice. I felt powerful.

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