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More Paul Gross fangirling (you can never have too much)...

Paul Gross is an evil genius. As evidenced by the wonderful fact he joined in on an IRC chat from pg.org and said many wonderful things, including;

"Shakespeare is the template for all writers, I think. Although, I would add that Shakespeare is also the bane of every writer's life -- we all know we can never be as good."

Because it is so true. That has usually been what gets me into an 'I shall never be a successful writer' mood. "I'll never be as good as Shakespeare." And I won't. Who could be? Even if you don't think you're using Shakespeare as a template, you're using something completely different, it ends up that that writer was using Shakespeare as a template and so you are too.

Though the sequel to H20 sounds typically tragic, and I don't mean in the good way. High fantasy government style is so not my thing. Apart from Macbeth, that is (which is, of course, the above statement magnified about a thousand times).

"Well, well, well.. I would love to say that things are improving. I fear, however, that they're getting rather worse."

He says rather. I say rather. He's talking about arts funding in Canada, to an Australian who is discussing how terrible the situation is here. I'm worried about funding both there and here.

"Problem is, I don't like the guy. I don't think he's a worthy tragic hero. And because of that the play almost always disappoints me."

Here's the evil part of calling him an evil genius... he doesn't like Macbeth?! What the HELL? PAUL! Honestly, that man is just... *mutter...*

"I can tell you that my people are almost starting to look like people. My hands are a different story. Everyone I draw seems to have lobsters at the end of their arms."

Fangirl squeal. So, he's trying to pick up a new skill, despite all of the ones he already has. And he's being self-deprecating about it? Fangirl squeal again.

"I think the most exciting actor working right now is Johnny Depp. He's always had an amazing clarity about his work, fearless and dangerous. He's by far the best of that lot in my opinion. I think Meryl Streep and Vanessa Redgrave are the towering figures of their generation. I love Robert Duvall still. And of course, Homer Simpson"

Good taste and being facetious. Of course, if he'd been feeling as wonderfully evil as earlier he would have said "Me! I'm my favourite actor!"

"I love Harry Potter and read him out loud in the park. Jack's a big fan of Lemony Snicket and we went to see him the other day in Toronto."



That brings me to say how much I love fandom in general. Not necessarily the domain (though that is marvellous too), but the very state of being a fan. Because so far? It's sent me mostly good things.

  • I've met wonderful people - most of my LJ friends list, and many on CoSForums.

  • I've practiced my writing skills (just naturally, over time, and I am still going).

  • I've learnt a lot about politics, diplomacy and everyday manipulation.

  • I've been introduced to even more wonderful things to be entertained by and made a fan of.

For that last one, let's take due South, since we're on the subject. If I hadn't liked due South I would never have seen Wilby Wonderful, which I absolutely adored. I would never have seen the absolute resonating brilliance that is Slings and Arrows and in turn, would not have tracked down Kids in the Hall which is currently affording me much joy. Twitch City would have remained an obscure Canadian sitcom to me and nothing more. I would not have seen the likes of Hard Core Logo, even though I have a weak spot for mockumentaries. I wouldn't have listened more closely to Sarah McLachlan. I'd never have heard the Headstones. Sam Roberts would be a nothing to me. And the amusement that is a Paul Gross music video? That would be someone else's amusement entirely. So I thank due South fandom for hours upon weeks of entertainment... Oh and I also thank the fact there appears to be exactly 100 performers in Canada, because linking all of the above together with more than one actor, writer, comedian or singer or all is both amusing and worthwhile.


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