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We share stories about ourselves...

Thank you kindly for all of your responses about teachers - they were fantastic. It seems I should be acting strict, sending students out of the class if they forget their book, be acting super friendly, bringing dogs to class every day, acting like a child and throwing paper balls.

Really I think it shows that there are many different approaches and not all of them will work with all students - which, you know, I already knew, but it's nice to have cold hard testimonial to those facts.

So, to be fair, .I'll share my best and worst Primary (Elementary) School teachers

My best teacher was Ms White, (hardy har har, the irony has not escaped me), my year 7 teacher. You could really tell she cared about her students - and she got to know little things about all of them. She was quite strict, and she expected/required a lot from her students - but she also had us doing creative projects, working in small groups, using what I now know are constructivist techniques. She was only contracted to my school for a year, so she'd come in completely new and then left straight after teaching us. I still think about her fondly.

My worst, now this is difficult, because I think there are a few who fit the bill, but I always think of Miss Girlsthorpe - my Year 1 teacher. She was painfully patronising. I have this great story about spilling six different shades of green paint over my best friend's head. At the time I was embarrassed to the bone, I couldn't stop crying. My best friend thought it was amusing and wasn't at all put out by it. Miss Girlsthorpe laughed at me, laughed even harder when I was crying and said I was acting like a baby. Now, in that situation as a teacher now, I may have laughed at the multi-green accident too - but I would not have laughed at the young crying girl. I would have sat down with the student and explained it was a mistake and that accidents happen. I was mortified - and I have never got over that embarrassment. She also wrote the glorious "most of the time I have no idea if Laura is even in the room" in my report. Oh yes, she was a concerned teacher alright.

My lesson today didn't go too badly. The kids weren't super excited, but they didn't tie me down and demand ransom so we're all good.

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