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They say that good things come to those who wait...

So what you're supposed to do is type in "[your name] needs" into Google or another search engine of your choice and post the results, bolding the ones you like best.

1. Loz needs some Lovin'. Damn straight.
2. LoZ needs to make you feel emotions. How much do you want from me?
3. LoZ Needs help with TD AGAIN! You jerk, TD.

Unfortunately, the Legend of Zelda keeps coming up. I've changed it to "Laura needs" to accomodate.

4. Laura needs help to obtain air transportation, ground transportation, ... (not too weird until you discover this is from www.nudist-resorts.org!)
5. Laura needs advice on her combi boiler. That I do.
6. Laura needs you now. Oh baby!
7. Laura remains a sympathetic character who readers know needs a hug. Ahuh. Hug me, now.
8. Laura needs to teach Jenna the proper way to sit with legs crossed. *snerk*
9. LAURA NEEDS A NEW COMMENT!!!!!!!!! hey there pookes. i think youre sooo great. Kill Laura now.
10. Dr. Laura needs a new format. Couldn't agree more.
11. Laura needs 8 people to beta-test the process for her new book that she is
beginning to write this month. How true this may be one day. Or never because I'm kind of adverse to having people beta read my work. Not a smart way to be, I know. Of course, this kind of sounds like Laura is conducting a science experiment she wants to write about in her new book.
12. What Laura needs to do to save at-risk kids... Okay, I'm listening, continue...

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