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Stolen from piapiapiano, a WIP (Work in Progress) meme. Yes, I said meme, I usually avoid saying it but this time I couldn't think of any other term. Judging from piapiapiano's actions I assume you're supposed to just post the title and the first two to four sentences. I think I'll provide a commentary too. Exciting. Not all of these could be classed as WIP because I have little intention of going back to them.

Untitled, Original Fiction.

The chaise longue was placed directly underneath the open window. He lay with his arm slung over the backrest, on his side, gazing out through the mesh. A light breeze ruffled his hair. It was pleasantly warm.

Later on, his sister comes in and calls him Tiny Timmy. Currently this is at 333 words long in total.

Artistic Devotion, Original Fiction
She fears her creativity has dried up like her heart. Lost and lonely wandering on a cliff. Or tied up in a shoebox under her bed. She knows it's somewhere, but where?

Based on an LJ post I did, actually. All about writer's block. I have two versions, one from a male perspective of 323 words, and one from the female of 500 words.

All You Need is a Story, Original Fiction.
Some people would never be good writers, no matter how hard they tried. Their heart was there but their vocabulary was not. They didn't have the acumen, the broad-ranging knowledge, or even any idea of which words sounded right together and which words didn't.

Another piece about writing. 869 words in total so far.

One Syllable, Original Fiction.
It's hard to know what to do. Things are not black and white. Shades of grey are to be found, by the steps, the door, the wall. All grey.

I think this may have been a writing exercise. That's it.

Story, Original Fiction.
This story has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. It follows the normal writing conventions for stories just as it should. It starts out by explaining it was written during a cold and blustery day.

Hah. Probably also a writing exercise. 77 words.

Paradise Lost, due South Fan Fiction.
The cold was of the biting variety, where extremities were at risk, and you had to huddle up nice and tight if you had any hope for survival. He'd got used to this cold. It wasn't so bad.

I'm having a few troubles with this one. Currently 2,269 words, but I'm going to go through and cut some sections because I've decided to go a different route with it.

Completely Oblivious, due South Fan Fiction.
There was not much light in the room. The dark wood panelling and furniture made it seem even darker. Benton sat in the velvet trimmed chair, throwing his head back slightly as Ray turned around from the desk. He closed his eyes momentarily, trying to block out the pain.

Not actually a work in progress because it's a completed story. On the other hand, the plot is of the Paul Gross lazy writing variety. It's my first dS fic, my first non-drabble slash fic and I will never post it for public viewing. But it does have some nice moments which I like and want to be able to steal and incorporate into other stories. 12,562 words.

Attack of the Snuzzlebleep, Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
There was a strange noise. A scream. A terrible squelch and a crunch. He ran faster. Getting there, Professor Snoot had his wand raised high. The room held only a table and two chairs. On the floor there was a green shoe. He called for help.

I really liked this idea. 1,132 words.

Hairy Snout, Human Heart, Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
It began with a Bite, not a Bang.

It was the type of day that generally slips into another. It was seemingly innocuous, not much was happening, and yet, I could feel something brewing underneath the surface. I can't explain it now, perhaps it is a recently acquired imagination, but I sensed that my life was at a changing point on that dull and dreary day.

I really liked this idea too. 1,721 words in total.

Gnomes, Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
A Gnome is a small magical creature that is known in Muggle mythology, almost as well as it is known in my back garden. For us Wizards and Witches, Gnomes are pests of the highest order. They are small, brown, and look much like potatoes with limbs. For the Muggles, however, Gnomes are cute and friendly little statues of fat men, who look much like Professor Dumbledore after one too many baked pumpkin pies.

It seems my best Harry Potter fan fiction ideas end up as unfinished fragments. 512 words.

When the War is Over, Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
He braced himself against the impact. The flash of colour had caught him off guard. He did his best to collect his thoughts and stormed forward - wand firmly in hand. He was thinking of only one thing.

I have no idea what my original intentions for this story were, as those were the only lines present. I don't even know what year that was written.

Switching with Pookers, Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
Severus Snape woke up with a yawn and wandered around his quarters in a flowing nightshirt and boxer shorts (because the Author is twisted, and likes the thought of him in revealing apparel). He was exceedingly pleased to be able to do this, for just previously he had been stuck in the body of one of his most hated students.

Oh my goodness I can't believe I didn't remember this. Not a sequel but a parody of Swapping with Snape. I have this thing where I write parodies of my stories, I did so for my first long story, Green Eyed Flame - Green Fleeced Ewes. 175 words in total so far.

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