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Title: Simple Action
Rating: PG, maybe?
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Characters: Kara and Leoben
Word Count: 555 words.
Notes: Spoilers up to episode 2.10.

It's all too easy to forget. That's what people say, and that's what it feels like when they're staring at you. I lean in my chair and cross my arms. I stare straight back at him.

If you could scrape away the surface and see metal, the illusion would be less convincing. You'd be able to tell, with a simple action, that what you were looking at was a machine. You can't scrape away the surface without flesh and blood, and no matter how many hours of training you've had, even though it's down to the wire, us or them, it isn't a simple action. It doesn't feel like you're shutting down a machine, it feels like you're taking another life.

I've tried, the Gods know I've tried, to remember that the Raiders I destroy are exactly the same as the figure sitting in front of me. I've flown one, I should know. There was flesh and blood there too, but it was still just a Raider. On top of this, people kill other people all the time. It's a necessary component of war.

He smiles. He knows he's rattled me. He smiles and lines crinkle around his pale blue eyes. I continue my interrogation.

"Couldn't they have made you a younger model?"

"I am young. I'm younger than you. Though my soul is older, and more pure. My soul…"

"Your soul? You don't have a soul. You have software."

"So why'd you put your hand up, Kara? Why'd you hold it against the glass? Why'd you comfort a machine?"

He isn't smiling any more. He seems serious. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The fear was probably an act. Even if it wasn't, communication would have only been to the cylon fleet following us. I shouldn't let it shake me.

"Unlike you, I possess a modicum of humanity."

"Big word for a small girl."


"Modicum. I like it. It seems like you're finally realizing your potential. You're important, Kara, and as soon as you start accepting that, the easier life will become."

"You said you had information. Now, either you want to join the other Leoben in the dark confines of space, or…"

"Other Leoben? I am the Leoben. We have spoken before, you and I."

"We've already killed more than one Leoben. You're a copy."

"The body may be a copy, but the soul is the same."

"And I'd believe you, too, if I thought you had a soul. Give me the information I desire or I'll…"

"You'll what? Do what the Pegasus crew did? Justify cylon actions even more?"

"Have you looked in a mirror lately? Do you really think you're that desirable?"

There has to be something to offer him, there must be something he wants? But it doesn't seem like it. He just continues to dodge the questions and divert me. He's died before, why should he fear death again?

Is this model created just to frak with our minds? That's more than possible. Perhaps by talking to him I'm just playing right into cylon plans. I'm starting to forget. That's what they want. They want me to think of the cylons as humans, not machines, because that's how they will beat us - by turning our own compassion against us.

I stand up. I pull my gun. I shoot.
Tags: bsg, writing

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