Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Battlestar Galactica 2005

The final until January - how annoying.

This episode was intense.

I can't say I really enjoyed it.

It was one of those episodes you spend yelling at the screen. You know, Cain turns up and suddenly it's "Don't trust her, Bill! I don't care if she's an Admiral - look at the fringe, she's a nutter!" And "NOOOOOOO, you can't transfer Apollo and Starbuck!" and "Awww, Bill and Laura are so cute sticking together" and "ohmyfrakkinggodshowcantheydothat?how?how?how?theydeservetobenuked". Which, in fairness, was pretty much how I reacted when Roslin had Leoben blown out the airlock (and that was before I was a massive CKR fan, no, really... and yes, just because I still joke about it, oh stop arguing!)

Ugh, if you can't like the Cylons because they mass murder, and you can't like the Humans because they torture and rape, you're left watching a show where you essentially dislike both sides and that is wrong! Wrong! There has to be a good side and there has to be a bad side, don't you know anything about narrative Moore et al?

I was genuinely disgusted by what we were confronted with from those of the Pegasus, and of course it made me reflect on the actions taken by those on the Galactica too. I miss easy answers and knowing who to barrack for (but also appreciate the complexities as well).

Weirdness was seeing John Pyper-Ferguson as the Pegasus CAG, who I recently watched in Hard Core Logo. He was really good, in both HCL and this. I suspect he's another excellent Canadian actor. Oh my! I just double checked, and actually he's apparently an excellent Australian actor. He was getting cool points either way.

I really want the next episode. It's so cruel to leave us on that sort of cliffhanger. The optimist in me says they're all going to be joking about it in ten years time. Hah.

I have to say this - because going through my BsG entries I've found this comes up an awful lot, and it would be sad to finish off the summer season without saying it one more time - this episode was full of all sorts of interesting elements to be explored in the rest of the season! Implications abound! Hahahahaha.

So... erm, yeah, January? -

More main character brilliance.

Leoben has to come back. Really. He's in the main titles, he has to make an appearance. If it's in a scene where there's more than one Leoben - even better.

Resolve the Dee/(Lee/Billy) thing in some way. I don't mind which way. Just do it.

Kill Cain. She's awful. Die, die, die.

Kill Ellen Tigh. She's even worse. Die, die, die.

Bring back Zarek, he's amusing!

Tiny towel!

Okay, I'm done... I promise. I'm really going to miss my Battlestar Galactica to look forward to weekly.

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