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The bad sides of fandom...

Dear Fellow Fan,

If you incessantly bug someone, they're not going to want to respond to you. You were asking them about their religion and leaving them little snippets of advice? And you're fourteen? And you're surprised? You're a fan. You're not a friend. Get your head around the concept. You admire this person's work. They have a duty of care to make sure you understand that this is all it will ever be. We're lucky he even responds to email! Leave him be a while!

If I find you annoying, you can only imagine how he feels,


Dear Beloved Actor,

If you don't want people to incessantly bug you, do not give out information like where your "myspace" is. That's stupid. Especially don't tell people where your "myspace" is, get annoyed by certain overexcited fans and then delete said "myspace" without any warning. That's really stupid. Update your professional website with information more than half a year. Hold a moderated chat once in a while. You want to reach out to your fans without them getting their grubby hands all over you? Have a professional style blog. It will make your life infinitely easier.

Love you always, even when you're being an ass,


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