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Writing is not a curse...

Title: Three Small Words
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Word Count: 200 words.
Notes: I was inspired by a small moment in the last episode. I'm not sure what others thought of it, but I thought it was cute. I've been experimenting with fragmented styles lately. There's only so much you can say in 200 words.

He would smile. She would smile back. He'd take her hand and swing it lightly. They would talk about anything but work. It was nice.


A punch is only as strong as its intention. When Apollo punched Starbuck, he intended it to hurt.


In the end it came down to three words. Three small words which didn't mean a thing. They were so cliché.


Starbuck had started to notice small glances. She would goad Apollo, grin like a maniac. He was fiercely protective.


She would talk about her father issues. He would talk about his father issues. They would sort through their issues together. They had common ground.


Starbuck had come up with a little rhyme. "Lee and Dee fiddle you see". There was no response. When Apollo ignored Starbuck, he intended her to notice.


She'd stroke his forehead and tell him tales of her childhood. He'd run his hands through her long black hair. They'd kiss.


Others noticed. Not many seemed to care. Bill Adama appeared quite surprised. "I thought she liked Billy?"


She would smile. He would smile back. She'd listen intently whilst he was in flight. He'd feel reassured she was safe on Galactica. It was love.

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