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Why I love journals...

Classic quotes from the Loz circa 2002/2003;

Some are amusingly stupid, some show how little I have changed and some are merely humourous.

The next two quotes are about film Murder by Numbers:

"There were definite homosexual tensions between the two murderers Richard (Ryan Gosling) and Justin (Michael Pitt), but this was never realised. No... i'm not a fan of slash fiction ;) But it was there... and never exploited." -- Oh Loz, if only you had known what was to come *cough*

"And didn't really involve numbers. I think that may have been the clincher for me... as I said before... I tend to be very harsh on films which bare no correlation to their titles. Murder. The one linking word. If it had been called "Murder by Forensics"... well... then I'd have found it more satisfying I suppose. A fickle beast am I." -- I obviously didn't understand the phrase "by numbers" at that point - LLL. I laughed for a good ten minutes at that. Stupid, stupid Loz. Actually I'm questioning whether I should repost the evidence, but since I've just made it clear I thought they'd deleted my blog but was just typing the wrong URL, I think it's pretty clear nothing has changed.

"I bought "the sims - house party" heh... no friday night drinks for Loz this week! Of course... no friday night drinks for Loz ever if I were to be true to my trend."

"Ever had a small kitchen fire? You think the fire part isn't fun. Try the clean up."

These next two quotes are on the film Ghost Ship:

"Today I went to see Ghost Ship. It was certainly Ghost Shi - something. Okay... I give up. Shit. There... I said it. It was Ghost Shit."

"Still... this film is pathetic... I mean, whoever thought their 8 year old son's primary school horror story was good enough to be made into a film deserves to be drawn and quartered. Suggestion: Don't see this film. There's no occasion for it. I've seen Scooby-Doo episodes which have been better constructed. I warned ya."

"Oh... and uhmmm. Comment me. Am sick and tired of seeing comments(0) - please... please, oh, please, comment me! :( *starts to sobs quietly... then loudly*" --- LLL... there were 3 people who used to read my blog at that point. I wouldn't have left comments for me either.

"It was my first time for the film - and when people started yelling out in unison (Janet - SLUT/Brad - ARSEHOLE) I didn't know whether to join in or be very, very scared. When they started throwing rice - I felt it was the former." --Obviously "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

"Mixing my two favourite things - a star clad sky and a star clad screen."

"And it's becoming more apparent day in, day out. I'm really quite obnoxious. I mean really. And rather pretentious, and just a little pompous. Much like Hermione from the Harry Potter books." --I'd only just noticed at the age of 19?!

"Take one girl who doesn't care about fashion, loves everything movies and music and mix with one girl who loves fashion and knows very little about music and movies, shake in a lot of one girl who bats both ways and you have our group."

"So.... i'm going back in a week. Yes... you read right - A WEEK!!!! Where did all the time go? Yep - you're right - on the internet. And what did I say late last year? I'm afraid of living my life on the internet? Unholy mother of SATAN! Why-oh-why did I have to waste my freedom?" --- It never changes.

"Well, today will no doubt be considered an important day in history, but I'm not going to enter any discussion of the current world situation, as honestly - this is supposed to be a place of frivolity - not discussion of circumstances far more serious than my little mind can handle, and also - I am very much divided on what I believe should happen. So no more!" --- My little mind can handle? At least there wasn't a mention of the word 'girl' there.

"I can't speak :D Being unable to speak is beginning to annoy me. I have a really sore throat and this is producing wordless-Loz. I have taken to gesticulating wildly in the vain hope people might know what I am going on about."

Well, that was fun. I am glad I found it again. I shall never regret the keeping of journals.

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