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Title: Duty
Rating: G
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Characters: Those Adama Boys…
Word Count: 620 words.
Notes: This is only my second creative fan fiction piece relating to Battlestar Galactica. I have no idea where the inspiration came from. My first bsg fic was a 100 word Tigh-centric drabble which can be found here.

Lee sat on his bunk trying to figure out what he was going to say to his father.

"I did it out of duty."

Duty was everything to Lee. He believed in honour, responsibility and doing what was right. He already knew how his father would respond.

"Duty to who?"

Lee would want to correct him. He wouldn't. He couldn't.

"Duty to the articles," he would instead respond.

"Do you really think that you are bound by 'the articles' in this situation, Lee?"

Lee would answer in the affirmative. The articles. Law. They were the structure by which duty existed. Perhaps his moral compass was drawn by a different magnet, or maybe he just had a screw loose, but Lee was positive that his actions had been right. He had performed his duty. Nothing his father could say would change his mind.

Lee waited on his bunk, sure that Bill Adama would be coming down the hallway. Coming to "discuss" the event. He stared up at the posters on his wall. The books Zak had left sprawled on the floor. His uniform.

"You aren't going to apologise?" Adama senior would ask. He'd brush his hand through Lee's hair in a way which would infuriate him.

"I have nothing to apologise for!" would be Lee's passionate response.

His father would despair. He'd appeal to Lee's more sensitive nature. Lee would start to think about Zak. Lee would begin to imagine if he'd been in Zak's shoes. Lee would start to fidget.

Lee continued to wait as the minutes ticked by, but his father did not come. Zak came bursting through the doorway instead, his usually handsome features marred by a frown.

"I can't believe you just did that to me, Lee!"

"Zak, you stuck the pages together. She asked the school if they knew who did it. I had to tell her."

"Why? Why'd you have to tell her? I'm your brother, doesn't that mean anything to you?" Zak stomped around the room and balled his small hands into fists.

"Zak, I told you that you had to confess. I said that if you didn't, I would do it for you. You know, you could learn a thing or two about duty…"

"Duty, duty - it's always duty with you. You don't hear Dad raving on about that stuff and he's the only person in this family who really has any."

Lee sat on his bunk trying to figure out what to say next, but all he could do was nod. Zak would never understand. He was always too busy trying to impress everyone to get the idea that actions could have consequences. That if you did something wrong you might have to face up to it.

"Are you going to hit me or something?" Lee asked.

"No. I'm not going to hit you. But don't think this means I'm not paying you back someday soon. I'll get you when you least expect it," Zak replied. Lee smiled. Zak wasn't that angry. If he had been, Lee would have a developing green bruise round about now. Of course, Zak would then get told off, and both boys would go without dessert.

"Where is Dad?" Lee asked.

"Set off this morning on another mission. You're lucky too, because he would have killed you for ratting me out like that. You know how he feels about us being loyal to family," Zak answered.

"Yes I do. And you know how he feels about playing practical jokes on those in authority," Lee retorted.

"But it was my duty," Zak teased.

"To whom?" Lee questioned.

"Students schoolwide!" Zak grinned. "You have to admit it, Lee, it was pretty funny."

Lee would admit no such thing.

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