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Oh the year was...

Brain: Oh hi. Door's open, stop knocking so loud. I'd like you to know I have nothing against you. I just don't feel like working right now.
Laura: But you have to, I have this stupid assessment essay that was due last week, not this week, last week. Work now please.
Heart: Oh leave her alone, she'll work when she wants to work, meanwhile continue looking at Paul Gross and Jamie Bamber pretending it has something to do with symmetry.
Soul: Don't encourage her. We have high hopes, and currently I'm being eaten by this essay, I've already been down that track with Behaviour Management. I'd really like it if you'd help her, please Brain.
Brain: Dooby dooby doo.
Laura: ARGHHHHH nyerk bleugh!

Edit: Finished all but proper references!

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