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Battlestar Galactica 2005

I shall not move away from this episode thinking "oh, nakey Jamie!" I shall not move away from this episode in shock over the revelation that Felix Gaeta smokes, drinks and has a tattoo. I shall move away from this episode wondering why on earth Six looked proud when she talked about humanity and the Galactica being resilient. How odd.

I really liked this episode. Did anyone else think the music at the end of the documentary reminded them of Starship Troopers? Hah. That put a spin on it for me. It really did end up as propaganda. But hey, I'm on their side, so I'm a-okay with that. Oh, and did anyone else think the scene with the cylons in the theatre reminded them of Mystery Science Theater 3000? Hahahah.

Loved loved loved Billy's little smirk over Tigh's comment of "with our pants down and our asses showing". Loved loved loved all scenes with Anastasia Dualla. And yes, loved loved loved gratuitous naked Jamie. Actually, all Jamie in this episode pleased me greatly. He's just a bundle of gorgeousness.

Lucy Lawless was surprisingly brilliant as D'anna Biers, though I think I may have read something spoilerish at some point because I knew she was a cylon straight away. Just saw her and said 'yep, she's a cylon', which made the twist finale not so twisty.

Those wacky cylons.

And let's face it - because I can -

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Now really... I'm not stupid, this one went out to all those loyal Jamie fans out there. And anyone attracted to males.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Because surely there isn't that much of a shortage of towelling on the Galactica?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
But if there is? I like it. A lot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Doral: I wonder if her mouth could get any larger.
D'anna: Hey, that's me you're talking about.
Doral: Well, can it?
Six: Booooooommmeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.
The only thing that could have made that episode any better for the fangirl in me would be the presence of another cylon in that theatre.

I may never get over the joys that PowerDVD brings me.

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