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Gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight...

I went out last night. Ten pin bowling with liani_banks, her boyfriend Nathan, torins and some other people who either don't have LJs or aren't on my friends list (and therefore don't exist). I lost both games. As in, came last out of four players, both times. I couldn't remember how to do it. You swing the ball backwards and then spin around on the spot before hurtling yourself down the lane, yes?

There was some sort of a kafuffle I was not a part of so it ended up just being liani_banks, her boyfriend Nathan, torins and I for the remainder of the evening. We went to the pancake kitchen and I proved beyond reasonable doubt that I will try anything once. Hmmm hmmm maple water is delicious (actually it was disgusting, but as a true professional I completed the maneuvre.) Note to self; when Nathan makes a play to pour maple syrup into your water, do not encourage him and then drink it all in one go.

Then we went to a Karaoke bar, wherein I gave two startlingly bad renditions of songs by myself, and one confused rendition of a song with liani_banks. Before me, torins sang! I've only ever heard him talk-sing before (hilarious and high quality), but this time he actually sang and he has a really pretty voice.

Now it's morning and I am awake.

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