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Hey, you're not baaaaaaaad...

Today I took a test to see where I am in Gardner's frame of mulitple intelligences. Somewhat unsurprising was that my primary intelligence was Linguistic. What was surprising is that interpersonal was higher than intrapersonal. I think this is because I stated emphatically that I never read self-help books. Which is true, I don't... but I feel that probably skewed the results. Maybe intrapersonal people are always reading self-help books - though really I doubt it. Also, I was thinking of my interaction with people online more than offline, so when I'd answer things like "do people come to you for advice" I said "yes, often", which isn't necessarily true in day-to-day interaction off of the computer. I think it's all too easy to give too much importance to the concept of "multiple intelligences", though its infinitely better than that of one IQ determining how smart someone is.

I'm hungry but I ain't got no dosh.

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