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BsG 2005 Continues at Loz Central...

The cylons are pretty adamant that the survivors find Earth. They want this, we don't really know why, but they do. I'd like to think it's because they want to send pretty Apollo and Leoben to Loz. Me. Please? Now. But somehow I don't think that's it.

Actually the title of this post should probably be - Dee; Loz's favourite minor character, or dirty stinking cylon (and still Loz's favourite minor character)?

Is she a powerful spokeswoman or a manipulative deceiver? And does she know, either way?

So I first noticed Kandyse McClure in Higher Ground with Hayden "Star Wars" Christensen and Jewel "Firefly" Staite. She's a brilliant actor... as many of the actors in that show actually were. Subtle when need be, and not so subtle if need not be. As soon as I saw her in BsG, I fell in love with the character of Dualla. The silent yet observant grace she brings to it all, and the flashes of a personality which astounds me.

I don't think I ever thought she might be a cylon before, but the confidence in which she spoke to Adama - how she continued even though he told her to leave. We've seen her do it before - with Billy. All strong and confident and wonderful. But the fact she was pushing for the fleet to re-emerge - at that time. It wreaks of cylon to me.

Then again, I've got to the point where I suspect everyone. Every single darn soul. That's what you've done to me, Moore et al! I'm a conspiracy theorist to the nth degree!

Of course, I'll still adore Dee, even if she is a cylon. Because I'm kooky like that. But I'd still prefer it if she wasn't.

Lee/Kara - awww. There's no way they're getting into a relationship which will last. They're both too immature. Still, it was cute in that antagonistic kind of way.

"Push her out the airlock"... so it's bad that at that moment I yelled at the screen "Like you did Leoben, you bitch!" I actually quite like Roslin.

All Boomer sequences pleased me. Though I still don't trust her.

More odd Gaius sequences! And I was so worried the relocation would stop them (I'd don't really hate them, I'm just not especially fond... I like Gaius, *as a character, not a person*, and I like Six the same way, but they start to grate).

I really liked this episode. And now I want the next one. Oh no, are there only 4 left before I have to wait till January?! That's just not fair. Unless of course it means Callum rejoins. (Can you say cracked record? Cracked record. Thankyou.)

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