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And to this question, there may be an answer...

A while ago I wrote a post which I still largely agree with, about happiness or lackthereof. Actually, most of my real thoughts got discussed in the comments, but a lot of what I said still holds true for me. Happy being a state of mind and all that, that you can't constantly search for it. If what we do is all we have, than what we have is all we do. On the whole, at the moment, I'm not overly satisfied with my life. But I'll manage. And lots of small things make me rather cheerful.

Having an email banter with my best friend.

Reading my friends list and laughing like a madwoman at all the extraordinarily intelligent, humourous and engaging posts people make.

Listening to brilliant music introduced to me by brilliant people, on a brilliant mp3 player given to me by my brilliant brother.

Indulging in fangirling and feeling virtually no shame.

The pitter patter of the rain as I'm tucked up warmly in bed.

So on, and so forth.

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