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Title: Special
Rating: G
Word Count: 480
Fandom: None, it's not fandom related at all.
Notes: I don't really know why I wrote this, but it came to me in a flash of inspiration and I didn't want to lose it. Oh, and it is written from a male perspective but probably doesn't have to be read that way.

You think she could probably be something special if she'd only take the time. Her hair's unruly and the clothes she's wearing leave a lot to be desired. For one thing they're too big and make her look bigger than she actually is, for another they're so boring, like the concept of colour is nothing to her. But she's got these eyes. They kind of glow, with a humour and intelligence which she doesn't convey in any other way. And she's got this awkwardness which is really quite endearing as she brings a hand up to sweep back her unruly hair, and adjust her backpack, and scratch her nose.

You think she could probably be something special and you want her to be something special. You want her to think something of herself, to care enough to try. So you say hello, you smile at her, and she smiles back. It's nice to see her smile. You get to talking, and you were right, she does have a sense of humour and she is intelligent. She's also quiet spoken, twitchy and slightly neurotic but hey, you were like that once too. You remember how difficult it could be and how appearances can be deceiving. The thing which strikes you most is that she's so surprised someone's talking to her, that anyone's talking to her, but most especially you, because let's face it she's been watching you a while.

And you like talking to her, there's something kind of calming, if not pleasing, about being able to communicate with someone who interests you in a way that's not really connected with sex. She interests you because there's something more there, and the more is so far seemingly like a mass of contradictions. She's ostensibly conservative but so completely not, and she's shy but she's not afraid to say something racy to get a laugh. She likes making you laugh. Sometimes she tries a little too hard, and it's obvious, and you can see it in the way she looks down that she knows it's obvious, and she retreats again into her little cocoon. So you build on the joke and you let her see you don't mind, and you're just happy she's talking to you anyway.

You sit next to her and you try and let her see that you not only get some of what makes her the way she is, but that you want to get more. You talk, and you listen, and you try and slot new pieces of information about her into your previously held conceptions. You enjoy this, your little experiment, this way to pass the time. You want to know her, and you want her to know you. You want her to know something about you anyway, enough that she'll try to be special. Even if her being special is being special for someone else.

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