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More writing! My fandom is addictive...

*ahem* Yes. Short fiction and episode discussion.

Title: The Lure of Ladyshoes
Rating: PG? Hmm, maybe M-15+?
Fandom: due South (that's right - fic number 3! Bwahahah!)
Characters: Benton/Denny
Word Count: 500 words!
Notes: In episode "Odds", from the fourth season, one of my all time favourite actresses and sex-on-legs Stephanie Romanov (Lilah from Angel) makes a guest appearance as Denny "Ladyshoes" Scarpa, a poker player, who attempts to manipulate Fraser into helping her, with him seemingly complying. So there was Stephanie Romanov, Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie in this episode. I almost died. Sadly, not much action actually occurs between Benton and Denny, which I thought was a real shame.

Benton moaned gently as her soft hands pushed against the muscles of his back. His voice was deeper than usual. Every movement she made gave him the uncontrollable urge to spin around in his seat and act in a very un-Benton-like manner. She was wrong for him, all wrong, he knew it. She was a cardshark, he was not a shark in any definition of the word. She was a woman of unscrupulous morals, he had more morals than it was probably right to have. She pulsated sexuality, he tried not to pulsate anything at all.

He did not spin around in his seat. She stopped massaging his tense muscles and instead moved around to the front, lifting his head up with a carefully placed hand under his jaw. Without saying a word she pressed her lips against his. Oh dear. This was bad, this was very, very bad. He should have been pulling away, he knew he should have been pulling away, but it had been so long. So long since he had been kissed, since he had wanted to be kissed. And Denny was an extraordinarily attractive woman, dressed in nothing but a pair of his undergarments just a shade too big and equipped with easy to unbutton fastenings.

Denny leaned against the desk, creating a barrier between Benton and the mahogany. Benton finally tried to pull away, but she was supporting the back of his head with her hands, running her fingers through his dark curls, successfully restraining him unless he was willing to use some kind of force to escape. He didn't quite feel up to exerting that kind of power just yet, his back still hurt.

Benton's heart was beating abnormally quickly, as if he'd just run the length of Wacker Street. He gasped for breath whenever he could. Denny shifted position, bringing her hands to rest on the top of his shoulders. He could escape now. Oh, no, she started undoing the three buttons on the top of his shirt, fingertips lightly grazing his skin.

Head swimming with all kinds of thoughts, Benton started to stand up, deposing Denny of her position atop the hallway desk. His lips did not leave hers. If anything, he deepened the kiss, arms encircling her in a strong embrace.

Diefenbaker and Ante didn't seem to like the spectacle. For dogs they were oddly prudish. Eight paws padded out of the hallway towards the front room of the consulate. Neither Benton nor Denny appeared to care. They were otherwise engaged in the difficult process of taking off Benton's shirt without breaking lip contact. Benton's will to resist disappeared. He wanted Denny, and Mounties always get their man. Or woman, as the case may be.

Finally, in nothing short of frustration, Benton pulled away from Denny. He quickly relieved himself of his suspenders and lifted his shirt above his head. She watched with a mischievous smile which disguised deep desire.

There was a sharp knocking on the door. Benton moaned.


End Notes: The episode "Odds" is also noted for some wonderfully cool "digressions" from commonly held norms in due South. For one thing, Fraser overtly bluffs. Before this, you get the strong sense Benton lets people think he always tells the truth (all the while manipulating people in the sweetest possible way). In this episode, he openly admits to having used dishonesty, not just to Diefenbaker or his father, but to Denny and Ray. I enjoyed this to say the least. He gambles! (With candy and air mostly.) And he shows obvious signs that his stunt pulling actually hurts, he injures his back when jumping out a window. Pretty much the only previous time we see Fraser get injured is from someone else's actions, not his own. It made for a more human Fraser, and I loved it a lot. Of course, we wouldn't have a more human Fraser without the wonderful superhuman Fraser so I'm inclined to believe it's all good.

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