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BsG 2005

Another episode that didn't exactly thrill me. I didn't hate it. I just didn't really love it. For one thing, it was well short of its Lee quota, and that was simply uncalled for.

I was shocked by Bill's little conversation with DEAD!Boomer. Because you'd have expected him to be all "why?!" with his son. I guess, since his son's not there, Dead!Boomer is proxy. No, that's not it. He was genuinely upset with her, with the death of her. He loved her like a daughter. I can't say I ever saw that much affection from him to her before... not like he'd shown Starbuck anyway. Of course it could just be that Bill likes looking at the dead cylons. He looked at Leoben, now Boomer. I sense a pattern forming.

The farms scare the hell out of me. Seriously, that was a great big freak-out moment from me. And the second scar on Starbuck scares me too.

I liked the new Cylon model. Simon, was it? For one thing, he's sexy. For another thing, he's classy. He's sexy, and classy, and evil. All in all, it's nice to have another model to play with. I think I have to resign myself that Callum, the pain, is not going to be making an appearance in the next episodes. Perhaps he will be in the episodes which air in January, though? (Not good enough by far, I'm afraid). Yes, yes, I did make an audible happy sound when "Leoben" was mentioned.

What there was of Lee, of course, was wonderful. He was all sensitive and twitchy. And his designer beard both amused and... well, mostly it just amused me but there was some delight there.

That's it for now I think.

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