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Ch... ch... changes...

Sometimes I disturb even myself. I've spent a great deal of today looking at my word processor with a vacant expression. This was inbetween the times I was typing furiously. It kind of feels like writing is coming back to me. But not quite. If you're a writer you probably know what I mean.

By the way, I was spending time writing these challenges, reading my old HP fan fiction, reading my new dS fan fiction, and I have assignments due within the next few weeks. Hahahahahaha!

So - to the writers on my friends list (and I know you exist), I'm wondering, what's the most conducive environment for you to write in? You know, some writers like to get up extra early, others late at night, some listen to Bach, others still to Metallica, some do handstands (okay maybe not that last one). What do you do to aid in the writing process?
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