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Pitter-patter, let's get at her...

Well, it appears this dS obsession is doing bad things to me. I've already written a second fanfic for it.

I just don't understand. How could I have successfully not slashed all sorts of texts everyone else slashes and after reacquainting myself with due South get all sorts of slashtastic thoughts? It's not right. I was sure the only thing I'd ever actively slash would be Hornblower, and even then only because I see Archie loving Horatio as telefilm canon. But it appears I was wrong.

Still, I'm secretly rather pleased and amused.

Title: Snow Day
Rating: G
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton/Ray K implied slash.
Word Count: 500

Ray'd had enough.

"I've had enough."

It was just too bad.

"It's just too bad."

Ray couldn't stand another moment there.

"Why's that, Ray?" Fraser asked, looking oddly cheerful and full of life.

"Because it's cold, Fraser. No, scrap that. It's not just cold. It's freaking freezing. I cannot handle another how-many-hours you're planning on staying out here!"

"So you're leaving me to go it alone?" Fraser arranged his face into a sorrowful expression. He brushed his gloves down the front of his red serge jacket. He licked his lower right teeth. Ray growled.

"Alright, alright, I'll stay," he muttered, stomping his feet from side to side and shoving his hands into his pockets. He figured that if he made himself as compact as possible, there'd be less area for his body heat to escape from.

Ray could not see why Fraser looked so happy and child-like. He'd seen snow all his life, it had threatened his life on more than one occasion, but suddenly Fraser was obsessed with it, in love with it. With the snow!

"I'll need your scarf, Ray," Fraser said, reaching his hand out. His eyes remained fixed on his creation.

"What? No. There is no way in hell you're getting my scarf, Fraser, get your own damn scarf," Ray replied, throwing caution to the wind along with his hands, which he raised in fierce protest.

"Oh come on, Ray, he'll look naked without a scarf."

I'll give you naked, Ray thought. "No, Fraser, en oh. No. This is me being adamant. Put your hat on it, that'll work."

Fraser stormed over, lace up boots entrenched in thick, soft, damp carpeting. His usually impassive face now held traces of annoyance. "That would be an insult to the uniform," he said in a voice which was oddly stilted.

"Yeah? Well so would taking my scarf!"

"That makes no sense, Ray."

"I don't give a damn. I just wanna go inside, into the warmth, to have a nice cup of coffee and candy," Ray said.

"Fine. Go. I don't care." Fraser was pouting, he was actually pouting. Ray couldn't believe it.

"Oh c'mon Fraser. Haven't you always wanted your own Snow-Mountie?"

"Perhaps at one point, but that doesn't fit this time."


"No. He isn't going to be a Snow-Mountie."

"No? Then what is it going to be?"

"He's going to be a Snow-Ray," Fraser said brightly. "See, one leg's forward because he's about to kick a suspect in the head. And that twig there, that's a toothpick."

Ray stared from Fraser to the snowman, back to Fraser, who continued to stare at his Snow-Ray with a small smile.

"Okay, you can have my scarf," Ray said eventually, taking it off and putting it into Fraser's open hand.

"Thankyou kindly, Ray," Fraser said before placing the finishing touches on his snowman, which Ray had to admit, looked a lot like himself.

"Now I feel naked," Ray muttered.

"All in good time, Ray," Fraser replied with a devilish grin.

Tags: due south, writing

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