Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Writing Challenge #1

I had a feeling this would be the most difficult, so I started with it. It's still not strictly a story, but I only blame myself for mentioning the bloody thing in the first place.

Title: I Will Always Remember Him
Rating: G
Word Count: 416
Notes: Insanity.

I Will Always Remember Him

He was a man with an orange for his head. No, not on his head. For his head. To be sure, this orange headed man also presented the world with eyes, a nose and a mouth. He didn’t have eyebrows though, and this is what worried me. Yes, I could handle him having dimpled sweet smelling skin, but the lack of eyebrows really gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I always liked sitting in that spot of the café. There was a wonderful view out the window, and if there was nothing going on out there, there was always the other café residents to gaze at. It was raining this day, and so a whole bunch of tourists were in for breakfast. A whole bunch of tourists and other strange people that is.

I attempted to look at the Orange Headed Man from the corner of my eye, but instead made a rather unsubtle show of staring in a ubiquitous manner. The girl across the way poked her tongue out at me. I would have returned in kind if I hadn’t been too preoccupied. I took a sip from my drink and congratulated myself for my wise decision not to order my usual morning orange juice. The lemon squash was much more invigorating.

I wondered how it was possible that such a person be born. The potential causes and ramifications swept through my mind in a blaze of much-too-visual glory. There really wasn’t a sensible scientific solution for this, was there? Some sort of flora/fauna hybrid could not have come into being via the normal modes of reproduction. Perhaps he was some sort of experiment? Perhaps he was a mad professor, bent on destruction? Still, you would think an orange would be the last thing you would choose in that case. Squishing oranges was not that difficult. At least bananas had a thick outer skin.

Suddenly he looked straight back at me, with a glare of obvious consternation. The small pink mouth was downturned, the eyes narrowed. I started back in my chair and managed to collide with the waitress behind me. His evil plan was all too clear. Distract and conquer!

And then he left. I don’t know where he went. I was too busy trying to pick the pieces of carrot cake off the floor to see. He just vanished into thin air but without a puff of smoke. I will never forget him. Who could? He was a man with an orange for his head.


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