April 12th, 2014

Loz Cola

Things in the life of Loz...

1. I have started my new T-shirt collection. It is aces. And 17 t-shirts strong already. I'm very proud of myself. I actually rebought three of the tees I had before, because I love them so much.

2. I've been expanding my musical repertoire, thanks in part to walking and needing to have a wider array of things to listen to. I'm really in love with Stromae, Mø, Sivu, Autoheart, and a near-monthly compilation of indie rock songs that frequently delivers tracks that are awesome to walk and drive to. But I'll always come back to this song. (This version is possibly my most favourite. Yeah. I mean, I miss Steven's voice in it, because his is one of my favourite ever voices, but the simplicity and yet beauty of this gets me. Plus, it's Bruce. Bruce is the best.)

3. I am on Easter holidays for two weeks. I really enjoy my new class most of the time and I don't have major behaviour issues with them at all, but boy did we all need this break.

4. I bought myself a slow cooker and it is wonderful. The smell of a delicious dinner awaiting me when I get home from work is joy making. I've still been making different cakes/sweet things each month. This month was jam doughnuts. The first go was an unmitigated disaster, but I wasn't going to let myself be defeated, so I went for another recipe, and gosh, the next batch turned out perfectly.

5. Under the cut you'll find discussion of weight loss, body image issues, me rolling my eyes about fatphobia, and some reflection. Collapse )