September 8th, 2013

Loz Cola

You're free, born you're free, born you're free...

I went to see The Cat Empire live on Friday and it was incredible, the band was incredible. I danced my arse off, until my hair was soaked, my shirt was sticking in places, and my feet felt like they wanted to fall off. I discovered afterwards that I'd smeared mascara all over my face. They are always so high energy, with wonderful and expertly played music and truly great singing. I love their albums, but they really are better live. It was so cool seeing the Adelaide crowd go off (they are the worst concert/comedy-goers in the world and usually show the charisma of a stunned mullet. Only time I've seen them go crazy is for The Cat Empire and my second time seeing Bill Bailey, when he did a sing-a-long.)

And, wow, oh wow, Wild Animals is fucking aces live. Harry does this thing at the end that's stunning and really shows off how his voice has grown. I may have posted this before, but here's an example. He didn't sing my other two favourites (Boogaloo and The Car Song), but that's okay, because every other song was the best to dance to. And I have to mention Felix, who was also out of this world. He actually sings better live than he ever does in recording and his percussion is phenomenal.

Plus, PLUS, the support act, Tinpan Orange were really fucking good, even though the crowd talked through their entire set. They do a cover of the theme to 'Round the Twist' (which means little to the non-Australians here, but is amaaaazing.)