November 23rd, 2012

LoM Neckless Gene Flirty

I really do not mean Perry and Dr Doofenschmirtz, but also not a mortal enemy...

Does anyone have a person tangentially in their life who they really dislike, and even though most everything this person says frustrates them and makes them want to rant for hours, they find themselves seeking this person out? Like, you will actively orbit around this person and ask how they are from mutual acquaintances, choose to go out to dinner with friends if you know they'll be there, or read their twitter feed or facebook, despite the fact every time you will see or hear another reason to want to commit unspeakable insults.

And I don't mean in an adorable 'oh, actually we're going to get together, it's passion, not hatred' romantic movie way. I mean that you have someone whose various opinions always seem WRONG. Does anyone have a person like that? Or is it just me?