November 12th, 2012

Ben Browder (Feels Angst)

Parks and Recreation...

In my spare time the last couple of weeks, I have been mainlining Parks and Recreation. No one ever told me it is a massively addictive show. Anyone else planning on watching it for the first time --- it is massively addictive. It is also not very much how I imagined it would be going in. I've been avoiding it for years, because I thought it would be like The Office (which I can't stand, either the UK version or the US), but it's so much sweeter and less cringe-worthy than The Office. I am in love with Leslie Knope and I've also come away from the experience shipping a couple harder than I have in years. I ship this couple so hard I was reduced to tears over their relationship at three points. Tears! I'm mid-way through series four right now and by the end of this week I'll probably be caught up with the current series.

If you're at all interested in any of my immediate reactions to the show, I've been tweeting about it as I've been going along. I'm @lozenger8.

Lastly, catwalksalone recced this amazing Leslie-centric vid; Fly and if you also imagine yourself being married to Leslie, as I do, I couldn't agree more that it's mandated viewing.