November 11th, 2012

Futurama Cylon

Mail call...


The house behind me has the same number as me, but is number+A.

My neighbours just came round to tell me that they've been receiving some of my mail (not all of it, because I got the gas bill the other day, haaaah. Odd that a bill would make it to me. I did wonder why I didn't get an update from World Vision, though.) They've called by a couple times, but I've always been at work. They knew I was home this time because I was listening to music loudly enough (which also meant I almost didn't answer the door.)

Getting this mail made me realise that the postal service hasn't been as lackadaisical as I assumed (no. just ridiculously unable to tell that if there's no letter, it goes in the mailbox that has no letter.)

There's a whole stack of thank yous I owe people. Thanks so much to jillwise, thesmallhobbit, basaltgrrl and solanpolarn. Reading your letters & cards and seeing your pictures just then was wonderful ♥. I'll see if I can get something in the mail for you all --- and sorry to anyone else I owe, the last month has been craziness, but I am planning on sending something!

... now how do I solve the stupid mail problem? Ugh. Maybe I'll just look in number+A's mailbox as well as mine and hope they continue to pop round if they get to it before me? I haven't had any of theirs, far as I can make out, though I do get a shit-tonne of mail from previous owners of this house.