October 6th, 2012

Loz Cola

They'd have a field day with the product placement in many of the shows I watch...

I've been rewatching the first series of The Gruen Transfer, which is an Australian panel show devoted to dissecting the world of advertising (currently airing is Gruen Planet, which involves the same panellists, but widens the scope to dissecting all kinds of media spin.) Gruen plays on the ABC, the non-commercial station. Each week they have something called 'The Pitch', where they pit ad agencies against one another and give them a brief to sell something 'unsellable' (or controversial, risqué, a current hot topic.) The ads that are made are almost always brilliant and it can be very hard to pick between them any given week.

Under the cut is one of my top 5 favourite pitch ads, from the first series of The Gruen Transfer, created to advertise International Buy Nothing Day.

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