October 3rd, 2012

Loz Cola


Oh man. All the hidden problems you discover about a house after you've moved in. Like how the solar panels that look so wonderful and shiny aren't actually properly configured and are therefore pretty useless, necessitating you calling about five different people to find out how to get them being worthwhile. IRONIC PAUL GROSS ARMS. \o/

2012: the year of Loz rage or apathy quitting many tv shows...

I realised today that I've ditched about seven shows this year. That is very, very rare for me. If I get into something to the point where I've made a concerted effort to watch it (which is almost everything I watch because I don't tend to watch it through conventional means), I'll generally stick by it.

But this year? No. There've been several shows I gave up on, a few more that I've let pile up so that I could mainline them (of which there are a few I have now mainlined and a few I can't build up the will to do so.)

And it got me wondering --- what is it about these shows that's lost their appeal? If I cared about them once, why don't I care about them now?

So that had me questioning if anyone else on my friendslist has recently rage or apathy quit a show and their reasoning behind doing so.

Friendslist, have you recently rage or apathy quit a show? Are you on the verge of doing so? And if so, why?