September 17th, 2012

Loz Cola

You can't just state your emotions, that makes me feel angry!

Ugh, guys, I'm finding it very hard to get into characters' headspaces lately. Not in terms of understanding why they do what they do, but conveying that to an audience? It always feels so forced and clunky. I've struggled with this aspect of writing forever, but ever since The Closet and Dr Caligari I've found it even worse; almost impossible. How do you do it? How've you seen other writers do it? How do you make things clear enough that people aren't all "your characters have no emotion" but aren't just writing things like "He hadn't listened and that made Gus sad" (which isn't an actual example, but terrifyingly close to it, bleugh.)
Loz Cola

What kind of cookery is this?..

I just made the absolute worst meal in a long time. I was so looking forward to it, too, but through the vagaries of my oven being strangely temperamental, my timing being shot, and me not taking enough care with the gravy: this pork roast was no good.

I'd been doing so well at feeding myself up 'til this point, too.