August 16th, 2012

Life on Mars (Sam smirks)

Just in case you ever think "oh, she's over Life on Mars now"... Hah. HAHA...

It's bad that I have the urge to respond to some Life on Mars confessions with things like "you should have a degree in being wrong all the time" isn't it? But, seriously. Of all the slash ships in the world, Sam/Gene is not one I would say only exists because people decided the show needed a slash-ship. It's just not.

Honestly, seven years ago, I wasn't a rabid shipper. And it isn't like I can't ship either Sam or Gene with other characters, because I do. All the time. But apparently I cannot brook any kind of invalidation of the ship. I don't care if you don't slash it, but it's not cool to act like shippers only ship for the basest, most shallow of reasons.

Plus, I am getting increasingly annoyed by people who don't seem to get that sometimes the friendship is the whole fucking point.