July 30th, 2012

Life on Mars (Sam & Gene will shoot you)

Movie Trailer of Awesome...

Jaaaaaason(yeah, so, had a bit of a resurgence with my Jason Marsden fangirling since following him on twitter. It's resolutely not a problem. Aaaaand I am so not going to go into how bb!Dylan O'Brien reminds me of a slightly more conventionally pretty bb!Jason, because. I am not.) I am hanging out for this movie (I Know That Voice!) --- not just for Jason, because he'll probably be in it a minute tops, but because I have always adored great voice acting and been fascinated by how it's done. I used to be able to pick out every actor. I'm not so adept at that anymore, because my cartoon intake has been severely diminished, but, ugh. Glorious. :D

ETA: There's a longer one here. OMFG. I AM TWENTY AGAIN. TWENTY AND JOYOUS. (Shh, you.)

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