July 11th, 2012

Loz Cola


Going to conference today and tomorrow. Only just discovered I was supposed to book into workshops by last Sunday. Thought the thing would be, like, 3 hours each day. It's actually from 8.15 - 4.15 each day. Didn't pay for the conference, the school did, but reaaaaally don't want to go.

[/kinda fails life.]
Loz Cola

I am feeling a tad melodramatic right now...

Can anyone explain to me why:

a) Educational professionals don't practice what they preach? If you're doing a conference all about inclusivity, how about being more inclusive?

b) I keep signing myself up for this kind of stuff?

Ugh. So much of today was just --- the overarching philosophy and ideal of using technology in class --- and not actual this is how you can use technology effectively and authentically in class. It's like --- I would hardly go to an ICT fucking conference if I didn't believe in the power of ICT, you know? I totally decided to skip out on the two afternoon sessions. I thought I had successfully escaped without anyone noticing and then my Principal's voice comes behind me, "Laura, are you going home?" And I am like: "OMG. SO BUSTED." [Not really, but the gist, yes.] And she is gleefully, "Me too!"

I just want to stay home and watch tv and enjoy my last few days of freedom.