July 6th, 2012

Person of Interest (Reese & Finch are ad

Person of Interest Fic Rec...

Guys, guys, I know by now you're probably thinking taurenova is my spirit animal (and I hers), and you are probably not wrong. But you know what else she is?

The author of an AMAZING Person of Interest fic.

It is Reese/Finch. Set both before and after episode 1.23. It has the summary: John never wears gloves. Finch bought John an apartment full of windows. And why. It's 3000+ words long. It is full of the taurenova character observations you must come to know and love. And I mean this. Because of all the writers I have ever loved, Jen is the one who blows me out of the water with how perfectly she captures the essence, understandings and motivations of a person.

It has this line --- It would probably seem strange to Finch – or else make Finch give him one of those looks that seems to suggest Finch would empathise with him if he knew how. It also has a sneaky Avengers reference, which made me grin a lot. And it just --- it made me happy in my heart, for so many reasons.

Go. Read. Kudos. Comment.