June 20th, 2012

Psych (Lassiter Facepalms)

The truth is inconvenient...

I am watching New Girl (as always, blame taurenova) and all I can think is, 'myyyyy, Schmidt looks like Sage Brocklebank/Buzz McNab from Psych.' I keep expecting him to, like, make puppy dog eyes at a Lassiter stand-in, or blow up, or something.
Person of Interest (Reese will get Finch

You won't recognise...

I finally finished my grammar work. The thing that annoys me most about this course is that there are hours of reading required, and trialling of grammar lessons and what not, but while the write-up takes a while, it never looks like much at all. The questions you're given to reflect on the readings aren't commensurate with the hours upon hours of reading. So. You do 6 hours of work per module and end up with three pages at the most of written work. By the way, I am only just up to module 5 now. Out of 10 modules. Bleugh. I sometimes don't know how I ever did six years of this (to be fair, I did English literature and Film Studies for four of those years; they were much more interesting than participants, processes and circumstances.)
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