June 17th, 2012

Ben Browder (Feels Angst)

Guess that fandom meme!

rionaleonhart and wolfy_writing did this. It looked liked fun, so I had a go too. I have created some truly artistic works of art (I am as amazing as fern_tree and basaltgrrl combined, yo!) that depict six fandoms I sort of may have mentioned once, twice, or thousands of times, and you have to guess what they are.

Please keep in mind as you view these that I actually can't draw, not even a little. Most of this was done using shapes in Paint.

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I weep with happiness every morning, Sir...

Ugh. I have all this intense English grammar reading and work to do (functional grammar is ANNOYINGLY PEDANTIC AND YET STILL SOMEHOW VAGUE), so, naturally, all I want to be doing is writing this Derek/Stiles fic idea I have. Yes. The fic idea I have for the couple I said I don't ship. \o/

Can I just say once again that I really wish I wasn't some kind of masochist and hadn't signed up for this again? I hated it last year! Why the hell did I think having a 'participation' certificate wasn't enough? I already have a permanent job at the school of my dreams, do I really need to do a grammar course that is annoyingly pedantic and yet somehow vague, just for it to look good on my CV? Oh. Right. The school is paying for the training this time. Fuuuuuuuu---