February 11th, 2012

Eternal Law (Richard leans to the evil s

Eternal Law 1.06...

Before I begin this liveblog I just want to say that this show, this show has been a constant source of joy for me, and even if we don't get a second series (which --- I can't see happening given the viewing figures, so many people really did not Get this show, and weren't bothered to make an effort to attempt to --- we're in a TV climate where if you're not a hit at the pilot stage, you're not a hit) I think I'll always count this among one of my favourites. None of my enthusiasm has been faked.

Yes, there were things that didn't always entirely work. There was an awful lot of phlebotinum, hand-waving, and general 'this is fluff, it doesn't need to make sense', but the thing is, it often didn't need to make sense, at least not on a rational level, only on an emotional. And, for me, it almost always did do that second thing, so it was constantly aces. (Plus, I gained a hell of a lot of enjoyment from mocking the hand-waving.) The predictable things in the show were delightfully comforting, the surprising delightfully illuminating, and it was clever in lots of great little ways that made me happy.

So. I may have been one of, maybe, twenty people who actually Got this show, but I am so, so glad I did. I am heartened that it was made. Pleased that I could have this precious little flawed jewel that brought me back to days of riotous flailing, capslock and edge-of-my-seat anticipation.

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